Elegant Range of Theatrical Drapes

At A-Brite, we offer a variety of services for your drapes.  Whether it is cleaning, repairing, or purchasing new theater drapes, we have you covered.  With over 60 years of experience, we offer premium, custom services and have a beautiful selection of new fabrics for your commercial buildings.  

A-Brite Bilnd & Drapery
A-Brite Bilnd & Drapery

Make Sure Your Drapes Comply with Fire Codes

We are Certified Applicators of quality flame retardants and can issue a Certificate of Flame Resistance. 

Our Certified Applicators are qualified to apply our flame retardant products as well as to test fabrics and issue Certificates of Flame Resistance to help you meet local, state, and national fire codes. Our services are offered both on-site and off-site to meet your needs.

Keep Your Drapes Safe and Protected