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At A-Brite Blind & Drapery, our mission is to be your go-to source for all your window covering needs. We are a family-owned company that has experience in projects ranging from small residential ones to very large commercial projects. Since 1988,  A-Bite Blind & Drapery has been serving the commercial, residential, and entertainment industry. Commercial projects we have worked on include schools, theatres, restaurants, offices and more. Our services are spread throughout the country, specializing in California. We are known to be efficient, professional, and reliable with an impeccable reputation.

We are certified Hunter Douglas Blind and Drapery Installers!

A-Brite Bilnd & Drapery

Dependable Sales and Installation

Our contractors will provide a thorough quote and explain each step to your team.  We will ask questions to understand your needs while explaining the features and benefits of your window covering options.  Whether you need new window coverings, blinds or draperies for your establishment, our experience working with manufacturers and fabricators will provide your business with beauty, style and function.

Our sales and service experts can assist you with:

  • Motorized & drop ceilings.
  • Computerized & custom installations.
  • Installation of commercial draperies.
  • Fire proofing certification.
  • Cleaning & repair.
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New Window Coverings


A-Brite Blind and Drapery has over 60 years of experience.  We specialize in commercial  installations that displays elegance, beauty and functionality

Blind & Drapery Cleaning & Repair

We perform cleaning for your businesses, restaurants, and other commercial properties using the right equipment, without leaving hard water spots or streaks.

Flame-Retardant Application & Certification

With A-Brite Blind & Drapery, it very easy to get the certificates you need to comply with federal, state and local fire codes. Be sure you’re up to code with testing by FIRETECT.

Theatrical Drapery Sales, Installation & Repair

Choose from a wide range of products that suit theatres, cinemas, ballrooms, auditoriums, casinos, schools and universities.

Sales and Installation of all window coverings.  We offer various choices of manufacturers and price points.